Shadow March 14, 2004
ShadowMy beloved Shadow was a rescue and was adopted about 3 years ago. She was an excellent dog with a heart of gold and the best manners I have ever seen. Unfortunately, she was taken from us this past weekend by our new neighbors pit bull, and she had gone in my arms. She was the best dog friend I have ever had and she will be so very missed. We will love her always.





Meika February 2001
MeikaMeika was my first Siberian. She was 1 of 36 Siberians rescued from an abandoned house. I adopted Meika in January 1998 and she died in February 2001 from complications from Irritable Bowel Disease. She was a wonderful dog and I enjoyed my time with her. Because of her, I am heavily involved with Husky Haven. She will be in my heart forever. Cyndi Whitley





Taja October 13, 2004

TajaTaja was a black and white bi-eyed female about 1 year old. She was really sick from distemper and was euthanized to end her suffering on October 13, 2004






Ray March 17, 2004

RayRay was a red & white bi-eyed male with birth defect that left his jaw misaligned. He was taken from the shelter and then became really sick. He was diagnosed with Distemper. After weeks of treatment he lost his vision and eventually his life. He was laid to rest on March 17, 2004.





BessBess was a MALAMUTE about 8 years old that was rescued from The Montgomery Shelter. Her coat was severely matted and full of little sticks and feces and her nails were so long that she was walking on the back of her paws. A week after being groomed and vetted she became very sick from a sudden infection. After a week of fluid therapy and antibiotics with no response, and indications that her blood clotting factor was breaking down, it was decided to end her suffering. This poor girl had suffered enough.X-rays revealed that she was full of buckshot, indicating that at sometime in her life someone tried to kill her.Side & top view of shotgun area… rough guess is at least half a load with the rest going over her shoulder. Shot pattern is close enough that this was done at fairly close range.



Doc January 10, 2003
DocThis is in memory of Doc. Doc was an eighteen year old Siberian Husky who spent his life traveling in an eighteen wheeler. He traveled 2,000,000 miles and thru 48 states and all of Canada. He traveled all the way to Deadhorse Alaska and even made a trip to Saint John’s Newfoundland. He loved people and they also loved him. Doc was a true and faithful friend. We will always miss him.

He passed January 10, 2003

The Brewer Family



Otana October 1, 2001
OtanaOtanaOtana was a beautiful Siberian female. She was very sweet and good natured and we all miss her very much. She escaped and was shot by one of the neighborhood teenagers. Steve Cusack 10-1-01







HollyColonel The Colonel was a show quality dog that we rescued. He died from Distemper which can easily be prevented with a vaccine. PLEASE vaccinate your pets.










Holly February 21, 2002
HollyHolly 2/21/02- She was a sweet girl that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Somehow during this past Christmas she and her baby and found their way into the pound. They were wearing Christmas Sweaters. Her baby was adopted without her. A week or so after she was rescued she became very sick with Distemper/ Kennel cough and then Pneumonia. After weeks of antibiotics she just could not fight it any more.





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