Kody September 2006
KodyMy wife and I adopted Fala over a year ago from Husky Haven. Kody passed away 3 months after we adopted Niko (Fala). Kody also was adopted from a local vet. He was a lovable, sweet, smart but stubborn Sib. He passed away suddenly in September 2006. He was loved by everyone that knew him and a day will not go by that I don’t think of him singing and doing the zoomies! He taught me a lot about love and loyalty.

Ricky and Debra Stephens



Shasta May 23, 2006
ShastaWe lost a very dear friend May 23-2006 she was a very loving and best friend to us just like one of my own kids. Shasta was a retired sled dog of 14 and I had took her in at age of 5 and saved her from being put to sleep, she spent 8 wonderful years with us. She developed tumors in her stomach which were spreading to her lungs so I sat with her holding her as they put her to rest. Most painful experience ever to go through. But we will always have great memories of her and she will live on in our hearts. We love Shasta forever.
This was my very last picture of her the day she went to vets and never returned…here she would have been 14 in DEC.20- 2006. Shasta


This is when I brought her home with me she was 5 years old.

Love Tammy~Justin~Samantha~Paul




Ruda – MALAMUTE September 3, 2006
RudaRuda had severe pyometria so due to her age (10 years) and health status, she was humanly euthanized.







Althea August 25, 2006
AltheaAlthea died suddenly from unkown causes. She was a sweet girl that will be missed. View More Pics.




Gramps August 3, 2006
GrampsGramps passed away peacefully in his sleep last night. He was with us for a little over a year. He was a great dog that will be missed. I am a sable male with brown eyes. My previous owner got very sick and his family tied me up in the back yard and left me there. After he died, they sent me to the shelter to be euthanized. Husky Haven pulled me from the shelter and treated me for Hooks, whips and heartworms. I am slowly gaining my health and my dignity. If you are looking for and old guy to just hang out, I am your man. More Pic…




Enya PuppiesBorn on April 22, 2006, these sweet puppies died from distemper. Only one of the four puppies survived.







Butch, Cassidy, & Sokoki January 16, 2006
SokokiBoth of these young, sweet puppies were rescued from Harris county. Unfortunately we were too late. Both of them were mangy and emaciated. They were also very sick with parvo, coccidia, and giardia, along with every worm there is.






Penny May 14, 2006
I’m sad to tell you that Penny, the black and white wooly that I adopted from you several years ago, died Tuesday night. I had a kennel club meeting so I wasn’t home and my husband found a trail of blood through the house when he got home from work. I hurried home and took her immediately to the emergency vet, but she didn’t make it. Evidently, she had developed a mass in her belly and it had ruptured. It was very sudden and very unexpected. She will be sorely missed by both the two-legged and four-legged ones here.
Rest in Peace – Custer’s Lucky Penny



Betima August 20, 2005
BetimaBetima was a good size girl that was rescued from Victoria Animal Control. She had just raised a litter of puppies and due to neglect, developed a mastitis infection. We started treating her for the infection, and about a week later, she developed Grand Mal Seizures that became uncontrollable. She was euthanized to end her suffering. God Speed Betima.





Big Red March 2005
Big RedBig Red came into the Conroe shelter in Nov – Dec 1999. It was immediate “love at first sight”. He was a very strong HW positive, and very skinny and weak. Red was adopted in Dec. 2000.

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