Sputie December 2008
SputieSputie completed 17 of the 40 miles towards her working pack dog title. She started a reading program at Iditarod Elementary School. She gave me a lot of love over the past 50 weeks and rarely stopped wagging her tail. I will miss her, it’s just not the same without her in the room lying on the floor (or the BED). Attached is her final picture taken in her last hour with me. THANKS SPUTIE I LOVE YOU!!!!

Siberianly Yours,


Durango December 2008
DurangoDurango (aka Beanie) was a true mixed breed dog who while she did not likely have a single drop of husky blood in her, was frequently visited by her multiple husky “cousins”. While she was always much older than they were, she shared her home with them when they visited and tolerated their pestering. She was a very loyal family dog for over eleven years and her presence will be missed by her human and canine companions. She was brave, patient, and kind until the end.

Summer Smith Hull




Apollo & Zeus December 2008
Apollo & ZeusI had the honor and privilege to be the human loved by Apollo and Zeus.They were father and son and I learned so much from them. They taught me what unconditional love really means, it means always and forever. They are together again as of December 24, 2008. Apollo, on the left, lived 13 years and Zeus 12. I was very lucky to be the human they shared this life with. I hope that I am half the person that they thought I was. They are missed enormously, but the silence in my home is deafening. That is why I have decided to apply for adoption of another sibe. Irving Townsend said,” We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more delicate than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached, still we would have it no other way, never fully understanding the necessary plan.”



Cody Bear July 2008
Cody BearCody Bear was born on July 14, 1996. He was adopted by Jan Gilory from Pat Snyder and with Jan led a wonderful life. She already had Sweetie Pie, and the two of them were best buddies. He grieved a lot when she went over the Rainbow Bridge on April 26, 2007. Still, he remained a faithful and true friend to Jan for the next year and was given the best of care. Around the fourth of July 2008, Cody Bear himself crossed the Rainbow Bridge. There he waits, young and happy, with his dear friend, Sweetie Pie. But he will be forever in the heart of Jan and her good friend, Lou. Rest and play well, Cody. View more pictures of Cody here.



Melvin July 2008
MelvinMelvin was rescued from the Harris Co Animal Control by Husky Haven. He was in very poor shape and of course had heart worms. While in the first week of treatment for the heart worms he ate his towel. He had to be operated on to get it out. They had to take out four inches of his intestine…………… Was also resection in 7 places. He recovered but in about three days had to have another operation to repair a small leak. Melvin almost died and was given IV’s by Pat in her kitchen for about a week. Finally he started eating on his own. He was a favorite at Husky Haven and was thrilled when Jo wanted to foster him. She fell in love with him also and gave him a Very good home.!! He will always be fondly remembered at Husky Haven. Click to read more about Melvin’s rescue story by his loving mom, Jo



Fang June 2008
FangLast Kiss


01/08/2002 to 06/14/2008





Dixie March 2008
DixieWhen they write the stories of good and great dogs, they should include my beautiful Dixie–a Spitz/Samoyed stray who became my constant companion for more than 13 years.

Dixie had been thrown out of a moving car miles out in the country, at the age of about 12-months. She was left injured, to fend for herself without food or water. She survived for some time on acorns and pecans, garbage and road kill–and what water she could find in ditches and streams. She developed mange and every disease and autoimmune disease known to dogs from the exposure and lack of adequate diet. She was bleeding and raw from the tip of her nose to her mid-section and scared to death, when a lovely woman found her and took her to the vet. This woman also paid to have her treated and dipped repeatedly over the next several months and cared for her until she could locate a home (mine) and someone to love and adopt her. I never regretted the choice. Dixie was smart and wisely learned from the corrections she saw other dogs receive–and never repeated their mistakes. She was my protector and best friend–loyal to a fault and faithful. She kept my aging male Border Collie company for 11 years–until his 14-year-old body gave out. She grieved deeply for him, not certain what had happened to her best dog buddy, after the vet had euthanized him. A few days afterward, I took her out for a walk with her GSD companion, Mischka. A neighbor was walking our way with her B&W Border Collie on lead. When Dixie saw him, she got all excited–dancing on her little white feet–until he got close enough to see that it wasn’t Scooter. She just wilted. The joy and happy light in her eyes just turned off like an electric light, and it would break your heart to see her! She had been so thrilled at seeing her old friend–she thought. It reinforced what I already knew–that dogs are smart and loving and loyal–and I burst into tears at her obvious pain. God rest her sweet little soul–I miss her dreadfully and will always love my little Southern belle…sweet Dixie. Pat D.

Peja May 1
PejaI came into Husky Haven very sick with a lung problem and my Husky Haven mom saved me, she said she saw something very special in me and just had to rescue me. I was such a sweetie, my Husky Haven mom let me live in the house with her and she would give me my lung treatments every day. I kept her company and unlike other Siberians, would love to play ball. I have gone to Husky Heaven where I can run and play and take big,happy breaths now. I am up here right now playing FETCH with the Angels. Thanks for helping me make my journey home!




Kodiak August 7, 2007
KodiakKodiakKodiak was born Nov 29, 2000 and died August 7, 2007

Kodiak had been taken out for a walk the night before and let out that morning with no problems. My sister came over to check on her mid-morning and found her laying on her side dead in the dining room. She was 6 years old and we have no idea what happened. We took her for cremation and now I have her in a beautiful box. We miss my baby girl dearly. She was the best dog we ever had and just weaseled her way into your heart. What a wonderful dog! I’ve attached some pictures of her at the beach – she just loved the water.

Niko November 12, 2007
NikoBeloved friend and precious boy Niko passed peacefully in his sleep on Monday, November 12. In his twelve years, this handsome boy touched the heart of every person who was lucky enough to meet him. Niko never met a person that he didn’t like, and he showed his love with his big Niko smile, a constant wagging of his tail and the big husky kisses that he liked to give his friends. Niko loved sunbathing on the porch, chasing bunnies in his sleep, and going for the morning walk. But he was never more comfortable than when he was curled up on the couch with Momma and Lexi.Niko's Sister, Lexi Niko leaves behind his loving Momma and his sister Lexi, as well as countless friends and admirers who love him, including his good friend Jay, for whom he will always remain “my fuzzy buddy.”

Rest in peace, Frankie. Momma and Lexi love you and we miss you more than you can ever know. We will see you soon, precious boy.



Artic Monday July 30, 2007
This eve I went out to eat with David. When I cam home, I went to put the three dogs up for the night and could only find two. David had already left so I called him to come back before it got dark. I was checking the fence line to see if I could find a hole and get a clue as to which way he got out. While I was looking I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I knew in a minute it was Artic! He was laying in the path by the tree just like he had been walking and just fell over. He was dead. I was still on the phone with David so he came back and with the help of Jimmy–the guy that boards his horses in my lot—-they got him into my car. I took him to the ER clinic to be held for cremation. He was HW neg and neutered when I got him from Sugar Land AC. I have no idea what happened to him. No snake bite etc etc. He was probably about 6 but may have been older. He was well mannered and well taken care of.

Kisimba Early September 1996—July 2, 2007
KisimbaA very, very lucky dog! – Kisimba

Here’s how Kisimba came to be at Husky Haven – what luck!

One dark night in about September, 1996, “Jane” and “John” (not their real names) were driving down a country road. They saw something walking on the side of the road, and “John”, thinking it was a possum said he would run over it and put it out of its misery. As he was going to do this, “Jane” said “Don’t! It’s a pig.!” (She thought it was a pot-bellied pig). Then she looked more closely and said, “It’s not a pig; it’s a puppy!” After trips to the police station and the local emergency clinic (where they spent all their money) they realized that neither of them could provide a home for the dog. They made a bed for the pup in the back of the truck, and it spent the night in the truck at the ranch where “Jane” worked.

And, miracle of miracles, the next day a dear friend of Pat’s son David was clearing trees at the ranch. He said, “I know who will take that dog.” So Greg took the dog to HH and Pat took him in.

That puppy was me, Kisimba. I can’t believe I am so lucky! I am a purebred (black tongue and all) Chow Chow. I’m not show dog candidate – I have a pink nose and I am kinda small. I didn’t have a hair on my head due to a severe case of mange, but through Husky Haven and with Pat’s good care, I got well. My coat came in – short at first – looked just like a lion’s – but a beautiful golden color.

Some people called Pat asking to have “that mean chow-dog.” She replied, ever so sweetly, “I don’t have a mean chow-dog.” And she was right – I was never mean! I even let those grandkids hug me, though I wasn’t real crazy about it.

Lou and Ross Parris, friends of Pat’s, saw me and took me to my forever home for theirs. I went along with my stuffed pumpkin (I never tear up stuffed toys ) I have lived with them for nearly eleven years. I love them dearly, and they love me too.

I never knew quite whether I was a husky or a chow. I had been raised with huskies, and had a lot of their traits, so I was very good with Lou’s husky foster dogs – most of which have never played. For a few days, I would ignore them, and then I would start a game. I would tag them and say, “Ok, you’re it.” Then we would run around, and finally the huskies that had never played before would begin playing. Of course, my little, short legs were no match for the long running legs of the huskies, but we had a great time.

Still, my native chow traits are always there. I guard my family carefully. I sleep in their bedroom, but always between them and the door (protecting them from prowlers, you know). If they are in different rooms during the evening, I lie on the floor somewhere between them to be sure they are both safe. I make it point to always be there at the door to welcome them when they come home – my tail wagging over my back. I welcome other people I really love – like Pat, for instance. I am not a demonstrative dog – I don’t jump, lick, etc. I don’t “kiss” either, like most dogs. I will not even kiss my owners. The only person I will kiss is Pat. I am “regal and restrained,” and if I do say so, I have very good manners. If I feel it’s called for, I stand at full attention, my head high.

I have chased away many an intruder with my Chow bark (the UPS man is my favorite target). I don’t bark at other dogs, though. But I do bark at squirrels – Then I use my “squirrel” bark.

I don’t go many places. I only go to the vets, the groomer, and to Petsmart and Petco (they allow dogs inside, don’t you know). At Petsmart and Petco, I am allowed to pick out my own toys. My favorite is a stuffed hedgehog.

Postscript from Lou and Ross:Kisimba Kisimba and we got older, and one day in June, 2007, Kisimba was diagnosed with a big mass in his heart and a lot of fluid on his abdomen. The fluid was drained, but there was nothing to be done about the mass, and on July 2, 2007, just a bit short of his 11th birthday, he died. We had him cremated, and his ashes are buried with our other pets. We will miss our “golden dog” terribly, and are forever grateful to Pat for allowing us to share his life. A crude drawing of him that my 6 year-old grand daughter did is my computer screen saver. Here she is with Kisimba, our “golden dog” in April of 2007.





Pandora Hope Malm March 24, 2007
PandoraDonations in memory of Pandora were made by:

Mliss Evans

Janis & Stacey Frank

Joy Lee


Sadie 3/01/95 – 03/11/07
SadieSadieWe put Sadie to sleep this morning. After being diagnosed with cancer and diabetes last May, we were very fortunate to share an addtional 9 months with her. Irene got her as a young puppy and enjoyed her company for 12 years. Last night she could not get up, her abdomen had swelled dramatically and we knew it was time.

We will greatly miss her stubbornness and Alpha dog attitude.

Please say a prayer for her and us…….



Sahmovarr’s Silver Elite “Lightning” 4/15/95 – 2/21/07
SahmovarrLoved by Eileen Kosakowski

Lightning passed away last night. I am totally heartbroken. Losing 3 dogs in 1 1/2 yrs puts a real strain on your emotions. But I have such wonderful memories of all of them, those will never go away.

Even though he was blind his entire life, that never stopped him from leading a normal life. He was my first dog. He taught me how to be the dog trainer that I am today. He also taught me the true meaning of trust. I can’t even imagine my life without him. He and I have been through many happy times and many sad times. It wasn’t more than 2 weeks ago that he was at a school in Pearland giving a presentation. He was happy, bright and attentive. He loved being around people. He truly lived life to the fullest right to the end. He will be missed my many human and dog friends.

Godspeed, Lightnin

Lia February 24, 2007
Lia8 months old with blue eyes

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