Ophilia December 2011
OphiliaThanks Matt for sponsoring me!





Max November 2011
MaxToday my husband and I made a $25 donation to Husky Haven in Houston in honor of our son’s dog, Max. Max was only 6 years old and died prematurely due to cancer. Our son Steven, who now lives in Colorado, is heartbroken and will dearly miss his buddy. They did everything together, especially outdoor hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and daily runs together. Please accept this small token of our appreciation of all that you do to help other beautiful huskies live a great life and share their love with others.




Sparta November 2011

Amber 1997 – May 2011
AmberAmberAmber came into my life years ago with sweet energy that never wavered. I will miss our long walks, her music- oh the music, and her loyal companionship. She kept me safe, kept me laughing, and always kept me (and Shadow) going. Amber is my eternal friend.




Walchi May 2, 1996 – April 7, 2011
WalchiShe was a loving and true companion through good times and bad, who ran, played, traveled and slept with her “pack” of humans.






Missy January 2011
MissyMissyMissy, my sassy classy daughter!!!!!!!!!!! Missy was even my neighbor’s dog; they love to see them, pet them, and even beg me to bring them out off schedule just to give their secondary pets’ treats and love. She will be missed dearly. Missy shared so much love and sweetness. She would take treats sooo so gently out of your hand. She talked so sweetly, never barked, just low toned sounds when she wanted something!!!! My little girl is in heaven now with my Dad (grandpa), whom I lost last yr getting all the attention she can!!! I know she is Jacko and my guardian angel and we will miss her dearly!!!


Sincerely, Kelly, Jacko, and all her Friends!!!!!

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