Maya November 2013
maya100_0363.JPGMaya was a beautiful dog in every sense of the word. She was full of fun and mischief, and was loved and admired by everyone. She grew from the long-legged puppy I took home to a 75-lb dynamo of energy who accompanied me on long walks and playtimes outdoors. The children in our neighborhood loved her (after they were assured that she was not a timber wolf!) and she had many dog friends who will miss her. She was the queen of dogdom, and I was blessed and honored to be her companion.




Marta August 2013
martaMarta is a senior girl of 7 years with parti-eyes that would like a quiet home life. She is friendly just likes to hang out and look pretty and go for some walks now and then. She needs to be an only pet.




Thelka February 2013
ThelkaGood day to arwooo. I am Thelka, 9 years old, and I am a sophisticated lady. I am an older girl with a laid back personality that would love to have a forever home of my own. My other family would not take me to the doctors, so they just turned me in. I know that there is a wonderful family out there for me that will be able to love me and take care of me the way a lady should be. If you would like to know more about me and think that you would have a great home for a lady like me then paw over to the application page and fill it out. I will nose through it and see what you have for a lovely lady such as myself. See More Pics.

Dakota February 2013
DakotaPlease accept this small donation in memory of Dakota, who departed under the full Wolf Moon of January this year. We often told her about the importance of helping other poor Huskies that are hurt or sick, who have no home and nobody to love them. We know that she agreed, for she “never met a dog she didn’t like” (apologies to Will Rogers) and wanted to play with all, even the grouchy ones! She was born in Texas and remained our best friend and constant companion through all our adventures, in the forested hills of Georgia, across the rocky deserts and snowy mountains of Nevada, then once again amidst the piney woods and on the sandy beaches of Texas where she spent her final days. We had some bad times, but mostly they were good- so very good- and she will live in our hearts ‘til we are all united again.

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