J.R. Murdock donated $250 in loving memory of Dakota to help sponsor Murray.
Andy Lattu in memory of Walchi 02May1996 – 07April2011 She was a loving and true companion through good times and bad, who ran, played, traveled and slept with her “pack” of humans. Made a donation of $50 plus matching funds from Chevron.
Sloan von Spiessbach is sponsoring Zoanne & Zane in memory of her beloved “Juneau” who is forever a part of her.
Elaine and Mag Andersen made a $25.00 donation to Husky Haven in memory of their friend’s husky Liza (Fintel). She was a faithful walking partner and made many friends as they walked! She will be missed.
Lou Parris gave a generous donation of $500 in memory of her friend, Jan Gillory and her adopted dog Cody-Bear.
Myra Johnson gave a $25 donation in memory of Steve Frogel, who dearly loved Pasha, the family’s husky. On behalf of Mrs. Terry Frogel and daughter Meredith Frogel. This donation will be used for Bogey’s Medical bills.

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