Husky Haven, Inc. relies solely on volunteers! They are the reason why we are still able to rescue as many Siberian huskies as we have. We are always looking for people who love the breed and want to help us help them!

There are several ways to volunteer with Husky Haven, Inc. to help the Siberian huskies we rescue. Our most important need is foster homes! Without them, we can not rescue those that need it the most. If you’re interested, please complete the online foster application.

We understand not everyone can foster and it’s not our only need, we also have other areas you can help with such as:

  • Transportation: Driving a rescue dog to/from a shelter and a new home (foster or permanent); this can be local or as far away as Louisiana. On the longer trips, we try to work with both parties to meet halfway, if possible.
  • Corporate Volunteer Programs: Ask your company if they have any Grant programs or a Volunteer Involvement Program like ExxonMobil.
  • Weekend Foster: Take a foster dog home for the weekend to play with, take to events, or just to the local dog park for the day.
  • Fund-raisers: Help with car/pet washes, advertising programs such as the  Kroger Share Card Program, setting up auctions, garage sales, organizing a fund-raising event like a dog walk, identifying other fund-raisers like Affiliates, etc.
  • Internet: Updating the pet listings on, maintaining the CafePress store, website updates, etc.
  • Work Days: Occasionally we need to do kennel repairs or build new ones, clean-up runs/kennels/crates. We also get together the first Saturday of every month to give the dogs their heartworm medicine, bath them, and clean their kennels. Also, if you would like to come out and work on basic training with some of the dogs, Please email us.
  • Adoption Days: Volunteers to take a rescue to an “adoption day” event like at PetsMart, Petco, etc.
  • Writing: Starting and maintaining a monthly/quarterly newsletter, grant writing, etc.
  • Community: Local outreach program to educate kids/adults on Siberian huskies and rescue in schools, organizations, etc.
  • Other: Whatever your talents are, we can use them! For instance, we had a graphic artist student donate some of her drawings to place on items to sell as well as for our new logo. We also had a seamstress make and donate 2 quilts for auction at our dog show booth. The opportunities are endless, just let us know how you’d like to help.

If you’re interested in any of these areas or have an idea, please email us at: and we will get in contact with you.

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