30 Duncan, December 2013

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Duncan_and_Dilly_on_the_ride_home_12.15.13 Duncan_12.15.13 Duncan Dilley Under_the_tree_12.14.13 Duncan Dilley Sleeping_on_the_ride_home_12.15.13 Duncan_and_Dilly_1st_day_home_12.14.13Duncan is a super sweet,  outgoing boy that will give kisses all day long. Duncan has a reverse cowlick on his neck like a  Rhodesian Ridgeback. Duncan is potty trained on shavings and has  started crate training. Duncan likes to lie at your feet and just hang  out when he is not playing. He has been around kids and other dogs. Duncan was rescued from a local shelter along with his Husky mix mom and 8 siblings.  He was born mid April. If you are interested in our sweet, little Duncan, please fill out an adoption application!


Good morning Angie,

Duncan and Dilly did great on the ride home.  After looking out the windows for a little bit, they both laid down and went to sleep.  Duncan was so sweet and laid with his head on Dilly.  The first day home went great.  They both seemed very comfortable.  Their favorite place to sleep was by the Christmas trees.  Duncan follows me everywhere and isn’t afraid to go in any room.  Dilly hasn’t ventured out of the living room but has been very playful.  She likes the ornaments on the tree and the Christmas presents.  I said no and she put them down and chewed her bone.  I am sooooo thankful you sent those bones home with us!!!  I see what you mean that they like to chew.  This morning I was the first one up.  They both were so excited and very playful.  Even Dilly has been rolling around and playing this morning.  And both dogs have gone to the sliding glass door when they wanted to go out and go to the bathroom.  I’ve attached a few pictures of their first day.

Have a great day!

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