7 Ms Texas March 2015

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Ms Texas is a super sweet girl that gets along with large and small dogs. She is a very special girl that was dumped a few block from the shelter with 9 newborn pups. Somehow she managed to keep them all alive and healthy while being out on the street and then in the shelter. She was a super mom and now all her pups are gone and she needs a home of her own. She stays loose in the house 24/7 and has never had an accident, even when she has an upset tummy. She is very laid back and spends most of her time sleeping in the couch and just hanging out. When she wants attention she will gently place her paw on your hand or lap. She would be fine in an apartment situation as
she rarely barks. She will jump a 4 foot fence but comes running back when called. She is good with livestock but no cats please. If you think I would fit into your life please fill out an adoption application.

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