3 Turbo January 2015

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December 2014

Turbo is a beautiful white husky wuth tinges of cream around his ears and on his back.  He is 9 months old, up to date on shots, neutered and micro chipped. He is really a sweetheart.  His foster is still working on his manners.  He is house broken, crate trained and is not food aggressive. At the dog park when his foster claps her hands and calls his name he comes running up to her … and then right past her!  LOL   That’s better than most huskies!  He is not an alpha dog so work well in most packs.





























August 2014

Turbo is doing well.  He and I have hit it off and he is turning into quite the sweet guy.  We are doing well on potty training.  I put a backpack on him when we walk..it seems to help tire him out a little.  We are working on clicker training and he seems to catch on fast. He is very social and curious about his surroundings.  It has been a joy to watch him as he discovers new things in the yard…like a cicada or a frog.  He does well in his crate and likes to go in there..here are a few more pictures of the little charmer…

Turbo’s Foster Mom



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