Mary, female, 1 year – Adoption Pending

Mary – I am a very young but and sweet girl who still acts like a puppy.  I was found on the streets while very pregnant when I was taken in.  I gave birth to 7 adorable mixed puppies shortly after being picked up off the streets and have been a very good momma to my babies.  When my babies were two weeks ago, one of my babies came down with pneumonia and passed away at the vet.  When I got to say goodbye to my little Joshua, I still tried to clean and love on him until they took him away from me.  Then less than a week later, two of my babies came down with pneumonia and we feared my other babies may come down with it so we were all kenneled at the vet for their treatment while my two puppies were hospitalized.  We were all together at the vet for four days and everyone there said I was a good momma, always alert when they were handling all my puppies, especially my pneumonia ones.  My six remaining puppies survived the ordeal and are now also looking for loving homes – Gabriel, Roman, Phoebe, Hanna, Noah and Jacob (who was Joshua’s twin).  Other than being a good momma to my babies, I am also very playful like a puppy.  I play with my puppies and try to teach them to play like a “husky” as well as playing with my foster siblings.  I am estimated as less than a year old and I am also not fully grown as I am a petite girl.  I am well behaved but also learning manners like not jumping on people even though I am so friendly and just want say hello.  I am also very loving and like to stay close to my puppies and people.  I am not food possessive and share my food with my puppies and foster siblings.  I get along well with everyone I meet.  I am looking for a home who can give me lots of attention and prefer one that also has a fur sibling.  You can apply for me at