Do you have any suggestions on the best way to find a new home for my Siberian husky? My friends are telling me to take it to the pound (animal control).


A POUND is not an animal shelter. Dogs turned in by their owners are killed the next day and not put up for adoption!! If the dogs are picked up on the street by an animal control agency, they have three days before they are killed, and then MAYBE—JUST MAYBE —A FEW DAYS ON THE ADOPTION SIDE. Unfortunately, this applies to the young dogs; the old and injured ones are killed. These are not always humane deaths. A simple case of mange or a cough is a death sentence. Some animal control agencies use gas instead of an injection because the workers there are not properly trained on how to give the injections. Some facilities claim to be “no-kill” shelters, but in reality they just ship the animals off to another facility to be killed.

A home on a ranch is not the answer either. Running free means getting shot by the ranchers that think the dog is a wolf or is just running away. Siberian Huskies have a high prey drive and will do serious damage to the farm animals. Siberian Huskies normally do not interact well with cats and small animals.

If your female dog is not spayed, and you put an ad in the paper, she will almost certainly end up in a puppy mill, just to have pups time after time. Some people will tell you anything you want to hear just to get your dog. “Free to good home” ads are among the easiest places for puppy mills to get purebred dogs.

So, what do you think ?

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