I am a college student and would like to adopt one of your Siberian Huskies. What is your policy on adopting out dogs to students?


We suggest you contact us when your life becomes more stable. This breed can live up to fifteen years, and we are looking for permanent homes. We have had many calls from college students that have either moved and cannot take the dog, graduated and cannot take the dog, or “broke up” and can no longer keep the dog. Usually the call comes from the parents where the dog was left. We are sure you would be a great home and love your animals but we are looking for more stability. Our dogs have already been discarded once, or we would not have them.

You might consider becoming a foster parent to a dog. This way, you could have the pleasure of its company, but it would be temporary AND you could learn more about the breed. Siberian Huskies are not like other dogs. They are all very sweet (we test their temperament before we take them out of an animal control agency or a shelter) and need temporary homes till they can find their forever home. We know you think you could never part with them, but unfortunately owners do it every day. That is why there are so many in various rescue or shelter situations. We get emails every day from people wanting to “find a good home for our dog” and our question is always, “Why? Doesn’t it have one now?” By fostering, you could be helping a very beautiful breed and at the same time have the company of a thankful dog and know that you saved his life. FOSTERS ARE NEEDED BADLY. We could save more dogs if we had more fosters!!!

Many Siberian huskies are killed every day in the various animal control agencies because there is nowhere for them to go.

So, what do you think ?

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