I have a Siberian Husky that I can no longer keep. Do you have a facility where I can drop my dog off?


We do not have a facility to take in dogs; we work only with foster homes. You will have to foster the dog until it is adopted. To assist you in placing the dog, we can put it on our website. To be put on our website the dog will have to be spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and heart worm negative. We will have to have paperwork from a veterinarian for proof of the above. We will also need a picture and a write-up about the dog sent via e-mail (or snail mail if you do not have e-mail.) Include both the good and bad points about the dog, as we don’t want any surprises!! For example, does it get along with kids? Cats? Good with other small dogs? Good with other big dogs? Is it house trained? Crate trained? Does it ride well in car? Leash trained? Know any tricks? Any training?, etc.) We also require a donation of $100, which you can recover from the adoption donation.

Husky Haven will screen all applicants and send you only the ones that might be a good choice for your dog. The final decision is yours as to the adoption. We use the adoption donation to save Siberian Huskies in the animal control organizations and/or shelters. If you are interested in our program, there is some paperwork that must be completed. Once the dog is in our program, you cannot dispose of it without contacting us. In other words, the adoption must go through us. If the dog is dog aggressive and not good with children, it might be difficult to place, as most of our applicants are families and people looking for a second dog.

We recommend that you contact a trainer before giving up your dog. Passing the dog on to another dog place or person is not always the best thing (for the dog) to correct the dog’s problems. These problems will probably only get worse at a strange place, because now the dog will be unsure of itself and probably act out accordingly.

So, what do you think ?

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