I want to buy a female Siberian Husky so that I can breed it and have blue-eyed puppies. Can I adopt an intact female from you?


We never adopt out intact Siberian Huskies. We are a RESCUE!! We rescue everybody’s unwanted Siberian Huskies and/or puppies!! We spay/neuter all of our dogs and then try to find them loving homes. We adopt out over one hundred dogs a year, and even then can only take in about one in every twenty that are requested of us. The others are killed. If you want to become a responsible breeder, you need to do more research on the breed and learn the breed standards, before producing more puppies. Certainly you would not want to breed solely for blue eyes!! The majority of the dogs we have in rescue have been bred in puppy mills, or by backyard breeders, which look at nothing but color and eyes. Attending the dog shows and learning about proper conformation are the first steps to proper breeding.

So, what do you think ?

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