Isn’t it too hot for Siberian Huskies in Houston? My groomer says I should shave my shave my Siberian Husky.


No, it is not too hot here for Siberian Huskies. As long as they have plenty of shade and water, they should be fine. Of course, you would not work your Siberian Husky (pulling, hard running, etc.) in hot weather. Siberian Huskies are double-coated dogs due to the very cold climate where they originated.

The outer coat, or guard hairs, keeps them cool in the summer by growing away from the skin and therefore acts as insulation from the heat and lets air through. The undercoat is very downy and close to the skin. It keeps the dog warm and repels water so the dog will not freeze, etc. When you shave the dog you are cutting off the guard hair. That sends a message to the “inner thermometer” that there is no protection coat, and therefore the body “holds” the undercoat keeping the dog warmer than if you had let it “blow” that undercoat and keep the outer coat. It takes three “blowings” or sheddings to regain the proper coat again (about two years). Shaving also removes the protection from flies, bugs and the sun. In other words, NEVER SHAVE A DOUBLE COATED DOG. Give your dog a good warm bath when it starts blowing its coat and put conditioner on it. Then take a high-powered blower and blow it dry. This will blow out all that undercoat leaving very healthy skin. The reason groomers are so quick to shave a dog is it is easier and takes less time. Time is money AND most groomers don’t know much about the different breeds and don’t care to learn.

Go to for a great scientific explanation on the purpose of the double coat.

Of course NO dog should be left outside in this Texas heat in the summer. We only place our dogs in indoor homes. All our dogs are crate trained so they can stay in a crate in the air conditioning if they cannot be trusted to be in the house alone while you are away.

So, what do you think ?

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