Where do the dogs Husky Haven, Inc. rescues come from?


The majority of our dogs are rescued from animal control agencies and shelters in and around Houston. After they are kept for the standard time allowed for the owner to claim them, the animal control agencies or the shelters contacts us. We remove our rescue dogs from the facility, the day they are to be euthanized. We can save about one out of every twenty dogs that we hear about in the various agencies. Usually, the SPCA will give the dog about two weeks, and Houston Humane Society will give the dog about one month, If those agencies are too crowded, the dogs get less time.

Most people do not know the real truth about what happens to discarded dogs. When we visit the animal controls/shelters, we are devastated to see rows of beautiful, friendly, dogs begging for a second chance. We feel like we don’t or can’t make a difference and then we think, “Well, we made a difference to THIS one”! Thirteen million were killed in Texas last year and 80% of them were purebred dogs. . In June of 2003, two thousand were killed in one month at the Montgomery County Animal Control alone.

So, what do you think ?

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